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  • Out of stock -32% Commode Chair Foldable with Wheels

    Commode Chair With Wheels

    KSh 6,500


    Technical Details

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  • -14% Under Arm Crutches

    Under Arm Crutches

    KSh 2,000

    Fitting Guide:

    1. Crutch Height: To foot-piece clockwise 1/4″, and pull the foot-piece down until the bottom is at the desired patient height. Rotate the foot-piece counter-clockwise to lock leg in place.

    2. Handgrip: Adjust the handgrip so there is a slight bend at the patient’s elbow (approximatively 100). Set and tighten the adjusting bolts.

    3. Check fit: With the bottom of the crutches slightly outside and in front of the patient’s feet, the patient should be able to lean forward comfortably, resting on the underarm supports.

    Crutches should not be so long that the patient must stand completely erect. Caution: Have your doctor or therapist demonstrate the proper use.

    Replace the crutch tips with the proper size if they should become worn. Periodically check the tightness of the hand grip wing nuts. If crutch becomes damaged replace immediately.

    Be careful when walking on wet or slippery surfaces.

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